BloodDreamer.com aka bluttraumer

I have dabbled in coding since taking some basic as a child, then html, mIRC script, others.

Once website templates then CMS systems came out I started using them and customizing to my needs. When WordPress came out around 2005 I was using it, but it was really “lame” I thought and was for writers more back then. I used the WP CMS while it kept growing becoming an advanced intermediate at it. I have setup many sites over the years for myself, companies, others. Recently I started scripting again and creating small functions, but I kept running into dead ends due to my lack of knowledge.

So I decided to get serious and started doing some “Web Development” courses. I am mainly using Udemy video courses, using other websites, youtube, apps, I am very into this. This site is purely blogging about my coding experiences as I develop my skills more.