BloodDreamer.com aka bluttraumer

I have dabbled in coding since taking some basic as a child, then html, mIRC script, others.

Once website templates then CMS systems came out I started using them and customizing to my needs. When WordPress came out around 2005 I was using it, but it was really “lame” I thought and was for writers more back then. I used the WP CMS while it kept growing becoming an advanced intermediate at it. I have setup many sites over the years for myself, companies, others. Recently I started scripting again and creating small functions, but I kept running into dead ends due to my lack of knowledge.

So I decided to get serious and started doing some “Web Development” courses. I am using CodeCademy, Udemy video courses, other websites, youtube, apps, I am very into this.

I will use this site to blog on about various topics, I actually enjoy blogging which is very strange. It may be due to my loner lifestyle I guess. Anyway my coding adventures, music, websites, and other interests may show up here. You can comment on the posts here, I have user accounts disabled though.

Some of my usual interests below I may blog about.

  • Coding from my learning experiences, projects, theories. Right now this is my biggest passion.
  • Music, I make music sometimes in various different apps, but Logic Pro X is my main one. Mainly downtempo, spooky, and even hip hop inspired a tad.
  • Business, I have had all kinds, usually all spurred from a passion. One thing to note is I have just up and quit some once my passion died, it happens or I need a break.
  • Photography, I have done photography forever and am such a lazy photog lately. I do love a shoot itself and man do I have some great stories with all the people I have met.
  • WordPress, I am a WP nut. I just love it and anything related to it.
  • Computers and Technology, duh I like tech who doesn’t? Well maybe the unabomber doesn’t.
  • Calisthenics and Kettlebell workouts. I have worked out intensely all of my life, but in 2013 I took it another level and gained lots of skills. I beat anyone at most wrestling bouts and arm wrestling destroyed guys twice my size as a kid, but I wasn’t very balanced in my strength back then. I get out of shape for a few months and back into it, very into CNS (Central Nervous System) training using the mind and time under tension. Basically training the body to be its most powerful by firing more cells for each activity through the mind, this may sound crazy but it’s what is happening. This is done by time under tension and using the mind to make each progressive rep of calisthenics as strict as possible. Doing it very slow in the first motion to remove any possible momentum, holding it, then back into start position never locking it out thus never removing tension.
  • Real talk, beware I might blog some “how I feel about ______” insert subject. Read at your own risk on those, I don’t sugar coat stuff when I got shit to say.