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What my current coding and websites are up to.

I have been freestyle coding a bunch more lately, I have also done some courses here and there. My biggest focus right now is on a PHP user site, I have a working basic setup, but it’s still a work in progress. I took a course from a cool guy on YouTube and made his login site, it was pretty easy to follow along as I knew what he was gonna do many times before he did it. He did show quite a few things none of my other lessons showed, like how to make dynamic menu options.

I will be actively using this code on a live site in the next few weeks, it will be a mock up profile site for photogs and models. I am coming up with some new age options for the current and some future trends, like content shoots, so many are running paid content sites now and I think a gig site should have some more specific options for this. I have a bunch of really cool ideas for this site. It will however be awhile before Id actually promote it for use by the masses, its my startup system that will grow over time.

One of my most popular content sites has been going through a remake, its actually not anything super fancy. It’s just going back to a more basic system that is being done for simplicity, but has some advantages for paying members, mainly better pricing. The site traffic has tripled since its been down I am guessing, people seem to be missing it always being open. Since 2017 that site has been up and down whenever I decide I need some changes, in more recent times the site was always up and open.

Sometimes I just want to delete AOS cause it does take lots of my time, remember its a side hustle and I work 12-14 hours a day at my job. It doesn’t get a ton of traffic by any means, but it has increased lately to get my attention. I get very burned out on this site at times, but it has made me a good amount of money that I do work very hard for. I have learned so much about content access membership techniques and other stuff. I really have no idea when I’ll open it back up, it literally just needs like 30 more minutes of work to have a new thing happening. my plain but new web headquarters got a little super simple day of coding, it wasn’t much code but the site is actively receiving quite a few visits. I want people to see how shitty it looks now, I can assure you it will continue looking shitty but my interests are more on functions first. It’s a site where all my nerd interests live, stats, info, and how to use it for automated functions. It will just be a site showing some of my work and services should I ever offer them more mainstream.

This site continues to be my blog site, I just like to write shit on it randomly. Between all this coding, websites, I like playing some online games, watch netflix, and check out ladies on onlyfans.

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