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Something I heard, too much training…

I read this somewhere, might have been on youtube or reddit.

Taking too many courses is procrastination

I agree a bit, and know I do it. Learn by doing is much better usually for me, but I disagree somewhat on “too many courses”. Say for instance you watch some youtube coder you will pickup things they do you have never seen or is improved from what you have been taught. Maybe the way they structure the project, a neat IDE technique you haven’t seen before.

I was watching a coder on YT today that was making some error handling for some forms, he made some conditionals with function names that had not even been created yet. Then split the code editor files horizontally so he could then code the functions while viewing the names had made before. I was using PHPstorm and his method (I think he uses VSCode) didn’t exactly work for me, he just dragged a file.php into his screen to split code editor to view two files.

PHPStorm with split file view so I can view function names and then code them in new file. Notice the all the easy to see warning PHPStorm is showing in upper right. These are very incomplete files.

My IDE has a button to split the screen, its used often I guess, my first time. I thought this little thing was slick, it’s a plan in action, and made me look around my IDE more to see if it did this.

In conclusion Id say taking a basic course over the same subject instead of putting it to use is probably procrastination. Watching other coders/teachers put certain projects together has huge benefits even if you have done similar yourself.

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