My new dev port site

Update Nov 4 2020

I finally coded a tiny bit on the site, its some basic statistics stuff, I have always been into stat like data. The site is html/css/php and mysql, it will have some more dynamic features later. It will not look very stylish at all, I have never been good at design, more of a functionality person.

I bought this domain awhile back just cause I wanted a .dev domain to be honest, it will be used as a dev port for freelance services. Registering a .dev domain has some slight differences from some other extensions. It’s plain and uncoded for now, but a bookmark to save for the coming months.

One of my hobbies is purchasing domains and even some connected to current sites which I never keep the host files. I am not trying to snake popular names, just some that appeal to my usual naming conventions or interests. I had a few offers over the years for a few, but they were low ballers, I buy from others so they were lower than what I’d offer.

I could post some of my coding lesson projects on the .dev site, I did customize a few slightly, I might add a couple I liked soon.

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