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Sept 19 2020, Coding break and next lessons.

I decided to chill out around Sept 4 2020 due to 3 months of daily coding exercises and my own freestyle stuff. Was noticing I was being irritable to just about everyone, I usually get much better after a break. Decided to take a full on break for at least a week or two.

Not going to lie, was thinking of what I will try to learn or do next the whole time. Yesterday I just could not stop myself so I watched some WordPress Dev courses, doing this also has huge advantages. Since you are using html/css/javascript/php in WordPress so much a dev course on WP really helps you refine what you have learned. WP also has some great coding standards and their built in classes/functions opened my eyes to some things.

So this is my next main course of action WordPress Development, it’s really what got me into doing all of this anyway. I will still be doing some other lessons, maybe even another language “python”. Whats my goal with WP Dev? Thats a good questions, I believe to make a few plugins is mainly what I want, replacements for a few I use due to my simple but custom needs. Some of my plugins will seem like duh, but they will be mine!

  1. Photo Gallery, folder based that updates with a manually pushed update button if you changed images.
  2. ARPS, I have made arps many times originally back in the late 90s. Automated Response Protection System, it was a bot actually back in the days for IRC but can be made as a custom security and predictive system for my needs.
  3. Extend PPP, yeap I am totally wanting to make an extension to PPP for mass control of posts and other admin functions. Customized post nav for PPP.
  4. A secret plugin for “The Shadows”, muhahaha. My best work has always been utility or security scripts.

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