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Aug 20 2020 coding update.

The past few days I have been multi code learning, still PHP and now learning CSS 3. I took a CSS 1 course already a couple months ago but there is a much improved version 3, I really really enjoy the CSS lessons on CodeCademy. I have got to admit using CC’s online editor with built in stylesheet/index/editor then browser truly is great to see result.

Udemy has another big sale, I had a more advanced OOP for PHP on my wishlist and bought that. I am doing a couple lessons of that after my CSS3. Then today I went through an API course during a few hours of downtime, I am really wanting to play around with twitter more after seeing all what I can do with its API.

A tip is learning multiple code languages is ok if they aren’t very similar like say JavaScript and PHP are. I am really wanting to work on JavaScript, but PHP was part of this entire inspiration to have dynamic backend skills so learning more JavaScript will have to wait a few weeks more.

No joke I am having a damn blast with coding, while I am doing other things I am constantly brainstorming content I have learned and applied them to my own use cases. Finally today I figured a way to use OOP, my first idea at least since I truly do not grasp this way yet.

A few days ago I wrote a structure for the first PHP site I am freestyle coding, but have not done any actual coding yet. I am alright with it because I am learning new stuff and it’s fun so might as well continue.

To code something then see it come alive on the web is amazing every time. I know for certain Web Dev will not be all I will code, I got my eye on Python and C# and possibly Swift for mobile apps.

Here is something to consider, I do all this coding/learning after working a full days 10-14 hours at my job, every day! I don’t have a 9-5 or even weekends off, every day I work and then code.

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