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Coding update Aug 13 2020

So the past few days still doing lots of rehashing on PHP, I expect to be doing this for a few more weeks. I am writing some small freestyle snippets and thats new, just open PHPStorm and start coding small things randomly. I have started on WordPress development using a video course from Udemy, basically learning how to better hook into the system with the new PHP I have learned and best practices.

I actually have quite a few small ideas for WP plugins mainly for my personal use. Here is a list of a few below.

  1. AOS Model shoot stats widget for users to view, this is like a tag cloud with model specific data which does more than show typical cloud “name:count:link”. Easy backend updating.
  2. User activity system, activity logs have really irritated me on WP. I have used the simple ones and the higher dollar ones. Either not the right features for me or too much bloat. What this means is there is no perfect solution for me and that I just need to make it myself. This allows admins of membership/content sites to view statistics on users who purchase from them. Like what products they like most, some security features, verify content is working for them, most viewed content from all users all from inside WP, more. Its a needed tool for me mainly, I eventually want it to help create a system to show new products they typically like to be highlighted for them instead of being lost in a growing list of products automatically.
  3. Contact system, this is simple because its for my own use and will only work for logged in members at first. I may make it work internally non email, aka messages on site with live notifications one day as motivation. These forms are all over WP, many free some super expensive and I have used many of them. I can already make a nice one myself so thats one expense eliminated but with use growing pains aka spam control if public.
  4. My own specific use case photo gallery system, auto created galleries from folders that can be updated with a push of a button when photos added/removed, with lightbox, and some settings. Minimal but unique.
  5. WooCommerce order backups, a simple quick function really. Many times when I have an update to one of my e-commerce sites a user will purchase something right after I just made an impromptu change on the site. The change ends up being a fail I find out a bit later and I need to do a quick backup restore, in some cases in only minutes I may have received some new orders. There are some of these out already but again, expensive or bloated full on backup systems which I use already. I just need a quick mini Woo specific orders backup to save and import in some certain instances when a full backup restore might be missing an order or two of data, time frame etc.. I am sure someone out there understands what I mean.

I expect to be keeping my current path for many months with small snippets growing into larger projects.

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