PHP Projects, never ending ideas.

This is a good thing to have never ending ideas, having actual uses for what I am learning is a HUGE advantage. Why some people learn to code come with different personal reasons, most just want some quick money. Me I have a passion, it was a slow build up but something I have always done here and there.

So I write ideas down of what I want to build, these keep changing as I learn more. So here’s a few ideas, some of these will be setup as live sites for testing and building up for my learning, if any are good I’ll keep them.

  • Artist and Talent GIG site, simplified site with user account, profile, pics, info, activity, search, privacy settings, more. Very simple site more for photographers and models since I take part in this myself. Goal is to find best ways to have a system with profiles with dynamic data.
  • Message board, simple public and private board. Learning to manage more frequent user data, dynamic spam algorithm.
  •, its no secret but I hope to fully create my own site system more to my specification. Photos, Videos, Products, Live Notifications, Smarter stuff. Could be a template for content creators and possibly its own self hosted CMS for others one day. This site will suck in your content, create galleries, videos, organize it, place in parts to be sold individually or a feed, all you do is select a few settings and price then its ready for business. The way I do it now is just too much of a time sink, everything is still old school. Possibly develop specific use cases and content set ups a different way. This will be a long time away, but it’s one of the main projects for now. I have seen content sites explode in popularity and AOS has shown me how good these can work.

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