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PHP Object Oriented, first full lessons complete. Dayum!

When I first started learning PHP I will not lie, I had no idea there were two ways to code in PHP. Procedural and Object Oriented (OOP) are these ways. I have never done OOP in any language before so this was very new, but its more of a standard and in use in various other programming languages. Learning it should help out more in the future, but I am still very unsure.

I took the full lesson of OOP on CodeCademy and it was much tougher than all other PHP lessons, a close second was Arrays due to how many ways you can use them. Now putting this OOP to use is something right now I cannot easily figure out, I will surely be studying this more in detail and doing other lessons on it.



Spotting OOP code is decently easy even for the untrained eye, its a bit more WTF than normal procedural PHP. Anyway this is a tough one for me, but very new territory in my coding experience. Its also the next step up, hopefully I can make use of it very soon.

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