Coding thoughts 2+ months.

It’s been more than a couple months, still everyday doing some coding or exercise lessons daily. I am on a 3rd different course for PHP, its getting into more advanced uses like functions and object oriented is coming. No joke I am dying to learn more JavaScript and Python, but PHP has immediate uses plus I have a few paid PHP servers for my current sites. I have put many of my other hobbies in the closet for now to focus on coding, but I still game a bit between my lessons.

I know some member’s of my website might be wanting me to shoot more models and upload more new content there. Thing is I put a ton of time into that site for 3+ years, it has a lot on it already and can be updated quick due to how proficient I have become with WP.

I have learned a ton of coding, one thing is that I cannot binge learn all day long, cannot “code lessons and chill”. Learning vs being entertained are different for me, I need to digest the learning or I’ll get sick and puke it all out. It also shows how “just being entertained” takes no effort thus why most people can binge on it. Less entertaining, more learning.

I do question myself lately on if I am doing “too many” lessons with what I know already. I have not freestyle coded yet, meaning just open a code editor and made a full on php site of my own. My main use for PHP is for database driven dynamic websites. This is part of the learning experience, so starting today I will continue to do my daily lessons, but will also make sure to freestyle code some more and get to the meat on my plate with object oriented coding.

When you start coding something and run into an issue, that point right there when it gets harder and you are able to put things together is when the biggest learning experience happens. I know I am wanting to have some knowledge of object orientated php, this is a botteneck.

Thats been the issue, its almost like when a model of mine I ask to do a shoot tells me “I am not at my perfect weight right now give me a few more weeks”. What happens in that situation is the model is never at her perfect weight, it never happens and we get no shoot. For me I get no new hands on coding experience in my situation, or I shoud say my learning progress is hindered.

Point is I should start on php classes and objects now, so thats what I am doing today, I am the model who is doing the shoot today no matter what. My rehashing keeps resetting my “next big step”, self optimization. I got my own internal cron job, it just came due!

Thats why I write this blog, do some insta stories, tweet some stuff about coding. This keeps me thinking and has always been a great technique to keep myself motivated.

Just some thoughts, I am human too…

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