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CodeCademy opinions are changing.

I recently bought a PRO membership to CodeCademy (CC) back in July 2020, I tried it free for a week before. It’s a pretty expensive yearly membership, I paid $239 USD for 1 year of unlimited access. I had other resources that I was liking so I used those first, then I dabbled with some lessons in CC. I wasn’t really feeling the code editor thats built into the webpage for each lesson.

Here is a free month of CodeCademy Pro, if you decide you like and pay for a membership I get a free month for the referral.

When you take a lesson a page is divided into 3 sections, from left to right are listed below.

  1. Code instructions, reference, and finally as you move down instructions with an automated checkbox that marks itself if you coded in the editor to the right correctly or not.
  2. Code editor, you wont need any external code editor, now this part really threw my opinion off about this entire site at first.
  3. Results of the code after you click the “Run” button below the code editor. You wont need to use a localhost or live server, they have it all built into the site for the lessons you take.
CodeCademy Pro Lesson
I was thinking CC had a bug on this particular lesson, but I was not “returning” a value like the instructions said and was echoing it.

Now I would constantly log in to CC and do a couple lessons here and there, but it wasn’t a very good attempt. After doing 2 months of other lessons daily from other resources I decided to try CC again because when I looked at the PHP lessons I saw some stuff my other courses did not have. So I gave it another shot doing a PHP lesson, then my opinion started to change.

Thing I was noticing was how I was remembering stuff from CC lessons better than my video lessons. With CC you read, type code step by step, you will mess up and get constant errors, you will think the site has bugs, but its usually because you didn’t read the directions properly. Then I really liked the way the coding exercises were very different from the couple other PHP courses I have taken.

I am still of the opinion that not using your very own code editor is an issue because these editor programs require quite a bit of learning to fully utilize. Maybe its because I spent some decent amount of money on a few of them and love the “feeling” of coding into an editor. There is something about it, plus if you use a fancy one like PHPStorm you will be amazed at how it really helps you spot errors right when you are almost about to make them, yeap it’s thinking ahead of you. Something of huge value, but I can use it after my CC lessons and for other resources.

I devalued CC at first, but it seems much better now. I will post again after I finished the complete PHP course on CC, at 13% now.

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