SoloLearn. Learning code most frustrating things?

In my code learning I have enjoyed the heck out of all the new stuff, for me being able to create something from scratch is pure enjoyment. I have no other reason for all this learning other than I know from past experience how exciting it is to create something in code and see it all work. Even when you have plenty of bugs or errors those are part of the fun, solving these problems increases the excitement.

With that being said though there is one thing that REALLY GETS ON MY NERVES! What could it be? FYI I was never very good at math, in fact I usually failed most math tests in school on a first try. So you do not need to be super strong at math to code, but while doing the lessons many times there are challenges after you are taught new things.

Now this is really a good thing in some ways because whats hard is usually a good thing right? I guess so, this complaint is really about one learning source in particular, I just cringe thinking the next challenge may be another math test and not a particularly a coding test, but I love to win them. SoloLearn is the big “offender” of this, I love that damn app for quick on the go, out in the field study material. They have a feature to do challenges against other people using the app in most of the coding languages. Gives you 4-6 questions and whoever gets the most right wins etc..

I think this whole blog post is really about SoloLearn challenges to be concise. You see I can do math quite well if “I have plenty of time”, but during a challenge you have a sliding time bar that just gives you a few seconds. You need to be pretty dang good at math to win a few of these. This morning I had a challenge against “SoloLearn” themselves and all 5 questions were “some code 3-12 lines” with a timer asking you to fill in, enter the result of so and so.

Fucking RAGE! Haha, anyone else? I lost the fuck out of that challenge, the code was not hard to understand, but you have to read it all first. By the time you check it all out the timer bar above the code is dwindling down to nothing, so you enter the answer you so brilliantly came up with, but “X You Lose”… Sometimes you are thinking “Oh yea I got this question no prob”, but they have tricky invalid code in so the math answer wouldn’t even work in the first place. So many things going on you must figure out in a few seconds.

Im no pussy though and figure I will get better eventually, its a fucking “CHALLENGE” after all. Well played SoloLearn.

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