Coding PHP

PHP, what I’ve learned and made so far.

You may notice me running through some basic php functions, I completed a entry level course already and made a few web apps with it. I am taking a different course that is a bit more expanded and then covers the object orientated structure. PHP is one of my main focuses so its why I am gonna be doing varying levels of courses on it.

Some things I have made already in PHP.

  1. A name checker simple form, a hardcoded that checks a array of data for a name entered. If it knows the name it says it knows you, or if it doesn’t.
  2. Login system, fully functional with error checking and hashing+salts, session management, connecting to database.
  3. A user journal that saves entries upon entry built on top of the login system.
  4. Email/contact form that sends mail.

With the journal site skill set all I have to do is learn to handle more data situations and manipulate it better for like user profiles, image uploading, etc.. Some light html, css, in these too.

I’ll be learning to create a email verification, reset password, session alerts similar to twitter when a new device/location logins to inform.

Even though I know this stuff already I take each new instructors course as if I am totally new. Call it “Columbo learning”, or acting like you don’t know a thing so you can learn better, never be a know it all.

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