6 Weeks of Web Dev Coding Lessons.

Its been six weeks (June 4 – July 18 2020) since I started taking a Udemy course on Web Dev 2.0. It has quite a few languages, learning the most essential functions from each. The biggest surprise was how deep CSS3 is, JavaScript is really super amazing, PHP was just what I expected to get dynamic content. After finishing each code style I was wanting more because I knew of other functions I had not been shown yet due to being a webmaster for years on the front end.

I’ve made a few web apps during the course, some silly click reaction game, a login system with journal which serves the most use. The course was made in 2016 so some things are dated, like in PHP md5 was used and so I had to figure how to use newer password_hash function. The Bootstrap 4 and JQuery sections are useful a bit, but I just want to learn the actual coding languages for them aka its CSS and then JavaScript.

Its been a blast, next up is API and Python 2 which is older since v3 is out now. I will finish this full course in the next month or two, I have however started another run through of PHP from another instructor, it was really my main focus.

I use xampp to run a local server environment for php/mysql, my code editor lineup has changed a bit. At first I started with Brackets, then tried Sublime Text 3 which is awesome, VSC which is really amazing and free, but towards the end of the MySQL/PHP sections I started running PHPStorm which I had bought after hearing so much about it being the best for PHP and that takes the cake for sure. Helpful due to its structure and visible tips and error, a step above just syntax coloring. Lots to learn about it.

So at this point I could code from scratch a pretty nice basic member profile site, maybe a casting site with what I know plus a few more new things. In fact that will be my first full on personal project, a simple model/artist gig site, over time build it up as I learn. I am free already from using WordPress or any other CMS as I have for almost 20 years. I can now code my own “basic” system, but I love WP so I expect to try my hand at a few plugins or utilities for public download.

I was already thinking about how WP and other systems work, like the id system PRIMARY keys in the database with AI. Users, categories, posts, products, tags, it all makes better sense now. Having a good amount of skill with WP is a huge advantage for learning to actually code the stuff. The login site I just made with the specs of the instructors is already being used as inspiration for better future projects.

Another note is yes every day I do lessons after my job, then I spend time reading more about the stuff. I also have SoloLearn and CodeCademy Pro memberships, but Udemy with the video coding as you go seems to work the best and using your own code editor is an advantage. So if I had to pick only one it would be finding a very well reviewed course on Udemy, it’s like being more in the drivers seat.

Knowledge is power, keep in mind I am in my mid 40’s and most of this is code stuff is brand new for me.

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