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At the beginning of June 2020 I started taking a Udemy course on “Web Development 2.0 by Rob P.“. I have “some” coding skills but they were very weak and not developed much, so I started this course and in doing so it was confusing to find a path. I just picked one with lessons that appealed to me, in the course I am taking it starts with very simple lines of codes and then you continually add more.

The coding languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL, and some other stuff like API’s, WordPress, BootStrap 4, JQuery, Mobile Apps. My main interest was PHP at first, I still haven’t gotten to the course on PHP just yet, Im on the third section which is JavaScript and love these lessons. The CSS lessons were needed badly, I knew basically nothing before, now I have some of the basics learned but CSS gets really deep and I have bought a few more lessons and books on it to supplement.

I typically do about 10-30 minutes per day of the courses, this gets me about 2-3 lessons as they are set up. After I am done Ill usually read more about what I have learned and watch YouTube videos about it too. I think I spend about 2 hours on average per day obsessing over this code, its very fun. The most fun thing is when you have done a few lessons and the instructor is going to show you a new thing but before challenges you to make it on your own first. If you can sit down and complete the challenge before shown a way how it’s very rewarding and you learn so much more doing on your own.

The entire course is 30+ hour’s, Im down to about 21 hrs done. After this course I plan to make a few WordPress plugins, very simple ones and customize my sites to my liking a bit more. I expect to be doing quite a few more courses after, I have already bought more due to Udemy’s constant low price offers each day almost. You are not going be a master, but it teaches you the very basics, like HTML is super basic. After doing that course I tried some quiz’s on other sites for HTML5 and realized I didn’t know crap about that newer stuff. Pretty much I adopted the notion I will need to do much more learning after, but you get lots of valuable lessons and a path.

Another great benefit is learning to code on all kinds of different editors, I am using Sublime Text 3 (free or pay to remove nag/support) as my main editor that I paid $80 for 3 years to show support. I also like free editors Brackets and VS Code too. I have added some packages to Sublime to help me shortcut better. Learning to move around these editors is a skill in itself. May have gotten ahead of myself and bought PHP Storm too, this is an IDE and I am no expert on it. I have multiple live servers due to current sites, xampp already but I have a habit of going deep when I am really into stuff.

I like the lessons so far, I read that the Python section is an older version v2 and the newer v3 has been out so thats the only thing I looking out for.

Check out this simple CSS/JavaScript Challenge I did before shown how, disappearing circles when clicked and I added more than what was asked. I like to do more on each lesson, Ill probably add more to this.

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